• Primary through preparatory students will be administered an English entrance exam for which they must achieve a good grade. Those who do not, may enroll on the condition that their level of English improves before commencing the school year.

  • Our program offers a gradual process and a natural approach to acquiring English as a second language.

  • The curriculum incorporates teaching methodologies proven to be the most effective in the classroom: Immersion, allowing students to participate actively in an English speaking environment; the Natural Approach, which maintains that words are learned through natural interaction, and Total Physical Response (TPR), which allows students to move and react meaningfully to language.

  • The primary curriculum is based on the most respected pedagogical research. This program delivers effective standards-based instruction in the five key areas of reading through a consistent lesson format.

    NATURAL SCIENCES: Is also taken in English based on the national educational board curriculum (SEP).

  • The curriculum focuses on Structural Analysis, Literature with individual and group readings, and small Conversation groups. This organization of the program helps students to improve their communication and comprehension skills by providing them with models and strategies to facilitate the learning process.

    GEOGRAPHY AND WORLD HISTORY: Is also taken in English based on the national educational board curriculum (SEP).

  • In the first and second semesters the students become familiar with the IB work program through activities that strengthen the effective development of writing, listening, speaking and reading skills.